Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ahhhhggg! Snow Again!

Just when you think old man winter is finally gone, BAM! He socks it to you again. Yesterday, shopping and walking around with no jacket, sunny and warm. What do I wake up to this morning? A blizzard! I just can't wait for this winter thing to be over. I had such high hopes to start my day baking away and maybe tackling the next DB challenge. But, the snow just dampened my inspiration. Tomorrw is another day I guess...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Next Challenge...

Finding out the next challenge was so exciting! I cannot wait. Off to buy the ingredients! I just wish I was able to post at the Daring Bakers blog. I have been trying for three days now and cannot get any posts on there! I am very frustrated with this as I would love to share. Oh, well I guess I can only keep on trying.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Challenge #2 Completed

Since I have not made this recipe before I thought I would follow it as written. I went out and bought everything and started. Everything went as it was supposed to, from the batter to the baking and even the icing! After assembling the cake, I was excited to try it. We cut into it, and what do I see? I forgot to put the preseves in the layers! Oh well, onward we go. We got our forks ready and dug in. To say the least, I was very dissapointed in the flavor. I guess I am not as fond of lemon as I thought. The cake as it is, was very firm yet moist and held up well. I would definately try this again, but no lemon at all! I think blood oranges might be my next step. Looking forward to challenge #3.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The start.

In between the french bread, I made chocolate covered pretzels for my daughter's class for valentines day and I also made homemade lasagna (even the noodles were homemade). It was nice to have some other things to do inbetween the long process of the bread.

Now off to check on the Pretty Party Cake that is in the oven for my second challenge! Happy Easter to all.

# 2 in the oven...

Now that I have the time while DB challenge #2 is baking in the oven, I am going to finally upload the pictures from the 1st challenge as promised.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

French Bread and More

Now that I am home from the hospital and can sit upright (finally) after major abdominal surgery, I can post my first DB challenge. I finished in the beginning of February, but could not post until now. I can say it was overwhelming and amazing at the same time and look forward to many more. My end result was wonderful, except for the shape of my loaf being abnormal, all was great. Other that my insane idea of doing more than one project in one day, I was very happy with all my results. I am looking forward to the Party Cake for this month since I am all about cakes. I will try and upload pictures of some of my completed cakes for all to see. On to another day in the kitchen. Take care all!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Challenge Completed!

Well, I finally did it. I completed my first Daring Bakers challenge. It turned out okay and will update at the end of the month. I have a bunch of pictures to upload as I also made choc covered pretzels, Valentine cookies and homemade lasagna. I think the biggest challenge was juggling all three projects in one day. Later...